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Activities and projects of the Québécois Council of the music
Opus price

The Québécois Council of the music also presents since 1996 the Opus Prices, in order to underline the excellence of the medium of the music in concert in Quebec.
Adopt a musician!

Adopt a musician! is a media campaign aiming to demystify the image of the musician and to arouse a new interest at the media for the music in concert. Thus each year, about thirty musicians are adopted by various media.
The Trade fair of the music in Paris, Musicora

The Trade fair of the music in Paris, Musicora, is another event in which the CQM takes part with an aim of making radiate the music in concert of Quebec and to support contacts with Europe. The musicians and factors of instruments of Quebec join to have at the visitors of Musicora the quality and the diversity of their musical medium.

Diapason is a programme of support in management and finance addresses to the corporative organizations members of the CQM, whose financial standing or administrative is precarious.
Continuous training

To meet your needs for formation
Since 1999-2000, the Québécois Council of music (CQM) offers continuous training to the whole of the professionals of the music in concert in Quebec, i.e. with the interpreters, composeur and managers of musical organizations, members or non-member of the CQM.

Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM)
1908, rue Panet, bureau 302 Montréal(Québec) Canada H2L 3A2
Site du Conseil québécois de la musique

février 2017
Dimanche 19 
Jean-François Lapointe- Tannhauser
Salle Garnier
Monte Carlo
Mercredi 22 
Jean-Francois Lapointe Tannhauser (Wolfram)
Opéra de Monte Carlo-Salle Garnier
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